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Dog Training Techniques

Dog training is a learning process for the dog, it is an exercise or condition that strengthens the link between the dog and the master while allowing you to better know your pet and interact with him. Dressage can also make you obey by giving orders or better understand what you expect from him.

In addition, training is an essential aspect to ensure a harmonious coexistence among all family members, including the dog. Keep reading this Animal Planet article to discover 5 dog training tips you need to know.

  1. Do not punish him, reward him.

A good training cannot be based in any way on the methods of punishment, on the contrary, you must always use the rewards (positive reinforcement) as the basic principle of the training of your dog.Do you know what that means?To reward your dog, you can give dog treats, pet your dog or congratulate him when he adopts a behavior that you like when he responds to an order or simply when he is calm and quiet.In this way, your dog will associate an action with something positive. Do not punish a dog when he does not correctly execute an order, but reward him when he performs well.

.reward dog

  1. Specific physical and verbal cues.

When training a dog, you must use words and gestures, and in this way, the dog will understand exactly what you want from him and will more easily memorize what you want to teach him.

It is essential to always use the same physical and verbal cues, otherwise, the dog will not know exactly what you expect from reading. The signals must be simple and your voice must always be firm.

Using body language will help you in the future if your dog has hearing problems as he gets older.

Dog body language

  1. Working with a dog mentally and physically healthy.

Although it may seem obvious, training your dog when he is stressed or experiencing muscle pain is useless. On the contrary, a dog with discomfort will be very unresponsive to a training session, not to mention long training sessions.

Consult your veterinarian or ethologist if your dog has a health problem: you will improve your quality of life and perform all kinds of activities.

mentally relex dog

  1. Train your dog in a place free of distractions.

Before starting any exercise of any training: it is necessary that the dog is not tempted by any distractions. This is the only way to keep your dog focused and do what you ask him to do.

Avoid excessive external stimuli such as street noise or the presence of other dogs that might distract your dog. Begin the exercise when your dog is relaxed and when his environment is completely silent.

attantive dog

  1. Train your dog in different situations.

In order for the training to be successful, it is very important to have your dog practice exercises in different situations once your dog has assimilated your training.

If your dog still obeys the “sitting” order in the kitchen, your dog may be lost out of this room and may not recognize your order or believe that he or she should not obey orders.

dog and envieronment

That’s why you have to train your dog in different environments. In the same way, it is very important to vary the order of the exercises when you train your dog.